Moving Business Forward

Whether it's to move people or goods, the Hiace will prove to be a versatile partner. With its economical and reliable engine, ample space along with practical functionalities, this hard worker is the perfect addition to your business.

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The Hiace cuts a sharp figure with its contemporary design, exuding solidness and reliability.

Radiator Grille & Front Bumper

Bold Features

The radiator grille and front bumper, inspired by contemporary design, exude a refreshed look.

Wide Sliding Doors

Easy Come, Easy Go

The wide sliding side doors and wide rear door make the Hiace a truly accessible vehicle. Be it people or goods, loading and unloading is a breeze!

Side Slide Window

Slides to Perfection

Practical and functional side slide windows with an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

*Applicable to Window Van only.

Rear Combination Lamp

Complete Practicality

Practicality is a theme carried throughout the Hiace, even with its rear combination lamps.

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With enough room and comfort for 10, the Hiace window van is ready to take you and your people places. If you are transporting goods, the panel van will add a whole new dimension to your growing business. More space means more people moved and more goods carried, it's that simple.

Spacious seats, reclining seats, headrest, and 3-point seatbelts

Room For All

The window van comfortably accommodates 8 seats behind and 2 seats in front in its wide cabin. Each seat is spacious and can be reclined, with 3-point seatbelts for increased safety*.

*Applicable to Window Van only.

2-tier air conditioning

Stay Cool Wherever You Are

With a three-dial control for faster cabin cooling for greater passenger comfort.

*Applicable to Window Van only.

Audio System

Music on the Move

Get the job done while listening to your favourite tunes with a simple flick of a switch on the cluster panel. Features include the 1-DIN Head Unit CD player with tuner, MP3, AUX-Jack, USB and 4 speakers*.

*Applicable to Window Van only.

3-ring meter

Stay Informed

The 3-ring analogue meter with external temperature display for easy viewing.

Front Power Window

Easy Winding

Manually winding the windows up and down is a thing of the past, as you can enjoy the hassle-free one-touch power window.

Panel Spacious Cargo

Ample Space

The flexibility of the cargo compartment* allows versatility of carry items for your every logistical need.

*Applicable to Panel Van only.


Long-Lasting Toughness

Corrosion-resistant materials are used in key areas throughout the Hiace to provide long-lasting protection against rust.

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Toyota Hiace combines legendary durability, unrivalled reliability and a punchy, responsive drive. A perfect tool to drive your business towards greater heights.

2.7L VVT-i Petrol Engine*

Power You Can Rely On

The 2.7 litre 16-valve DOHC window van features Toyota's economical and reliable VVT-i (Variable Valve Timing-with intelligence) petrol engine that offers unrivalled low, mid-range power and torque.

*Available for Window Van only.

2.5L D-4D Common Rail Turbo Diesel Engine*

Powerful and Economical

The 2.5 litre 16-valve DOHC Common Rail Turbo Diesel offers a practical balance of power and fuel economy. The engine also provides high levels of torque and reliable performance.

*Available for Window and Panel Van.



Enjoy a comfortable ride even at full load. The combination of front double-wishbone torsion bar spring suspension and rear leaf spring suspension will provide you with optimised stability.

Turning Radius

Parking Made Easy

With a minimum turning radius of 5.0m, you can easily manoeuvre the Hiace into tight parking spaces.

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Thinking ahead is part and parcel of good business leadership. With the Hiace, the people and goods that you are transporting will always be kept safe.

Dual SRS airbags

Stay Safe

Working together with the front pre-tensioning seatbelts to help keep both of you and your passenger safe should a frontal collision occur.

ABS with Brake Assist (BA)

Safety Alert

Provides enhanced safety in all conditions.

3-point seatbelts*

Peace of Mind

Three-point seatbelts for all occupants provide increased safety.

*Applicable to Window Van only.

Crumple Zone

Force Absorption

The Hiace's ample crumple zones will absorb the front impact force. The combined side, upper and front impact beams contribute to its class-leading safety.

Safety Brake Pedal

Leg Protection

In a frontal collision, the brake pedal folds out of the way to minimise risk of injury risk to the driver's legs.

Reverse Sensor

Park with Ease

You can easily reverse park the Hiace thanks to its reliable reverse sensor.

Vehicle Security System

Quality Protection

Minimise the risk of theft and break-ins with an alarm system that sirens. Stay even safer with an auto door lock feature.

Emergency Kit

Back-Up Plan

Consists of a First Aid Kit, jumper cables and a safety triangle in the event of any unforeseen emergencies.

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Keep your Hiace cool and your passengers comfortable with the Toyota Solar Film.

Stay Safe and Cool

Toyota Premium Security & Solar Film impedes break-ins and window glass from being shattered and keeps the vehicle cabin cool.

Cool Trips

The Toyota Essential Solar Film offers an affordable solar film to meet everyday needs for cool comfort. Toyota Standard Solar Film keeps your vehicle cool by providing better cabin comfort and protection against infrared and UV.

Portable Tyre Pump

This truly convenient accessory lets you inflate your tyre(s) in an emergency, anytime, anywhere. Its various nozzles can also be used to inflate mattresses, sporting balls and other inflatables.

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