Toyota CarePlus

Enjoy the quality service and professional care for your Toyota.

Get professional care for your Toyota vehicle. We offer a reduced number of visits to service your Toyota, lower cost of ownership, state-of-the-art electronics and maintenance facilities, qualified Toyota-trained technicians as well as up to 40 point check and adjustments.



Toyota MaxCheck Advance is a comprehensive service package developed to ensure that you have a smooth, hassle-free, economical and safe drive after every service. It consists of two packages and replacement parts using only Toyota Genuine Parts. With Toyota MaxCheck Advance, we service your vehicle based on its age or current mileage. Just sit back and let us provide the best care for your vehicle.p>

Improvements in Toyota’s Genuine Motor Oil, advancements in technology, the use of state-of-the-art electronic equipment and better road conditions mean prolonged service intervals and less frequent visits to service centers. For normal usage, service your vehicle every 6 months or 10,000km*, whichever comes first. For severe driving conditions, we recommend service intervals of every 3 months or 5,000km, whichever comes first.p>

The 5,000km service is also available with Toyota MaxCheck Basic.

*Terms and conditions apply





Our highly trained technicians are constantly updated with the latest Toyota technology so that they can see to all your vehicle's repair needs. It is only here that your car can be repaired in accordance with Toyota's Repair Manuals.

Count on us for a full diagnosis to repair your engine, components or chassis and be assured of reliable service and warranty* for workmanship and Toyota Genuine Parts.

*All Toyota Genuine Parts come with a 12-month or 20,000km warranty, whichever comes first. Labour warranty lasts for 3 months from date of invoice or 5,000km, whichever comes first.



Irrespective of your vehicle's age, we strongly recommend that you service your air-cond and replace your vehicle's receiver drier after every 60,000km. Once your vehicle reaches 120,000km, it's time to replace your vehicle's expansion valve system.

AC Care Packages
Toyota AC Care Package Basic** Package 1
Maintenance Item Recommended Service Interval KM (000) 30, 90, 150 60, 180
Receiver Drier Check melt bolt. Sight Glass. I I
Compressor Check for abnormal noise and leakage. I I
Evaporator Clean dust trapped in fin. Check for leakageand find blockage* I I
Condenser Panel & Non-Panel Insurer I I
Air-Cond Belt Check for leakage and fin blockage I I
Thermostat or Thermistor Check for wear and tear* I I
Pressure Switch Check for proper function I I
Idle Pulley Check bearing for abnormal noise I I
Piping & Joints Check connecting portion for leakage I I
Blower Motor Check blower speed operation I I
Condenser Cooling FanMotor Check for proper function and abnormal noise I I
Idle Up Device Check for proper idle up speed (850-900rpm) I I
Electrical Wiring Check for worked loose connetion.
Check for safety gaps and wire harness on vehicle sharp edges
Air-Cond Control Switches Check fresh, RECIRC, DEF, VENT I I
Item Replaced Receiver Drier
Gas & Compressor
OilExpansion Valve


Optional Item Replaced Cabin Air Filter


* - Not applicable if spray gun is used.

** - Applicable to selected models only. Kindly contact our Service Advisors.

I – Inspection



Our comprehensive tyre maintenance service includes periodical tyre inspection, wheel alignment and balancing*.

Benefits of regular tyre maintenance:

  • Well-maintained tyres are less likely to slip up on wet, winding or slippery roads.
  • The balanced weight distribution of tyre and wheel assembly also eliminates vibration to provide more ride comfort.
  • A quality alignment will ensure even tread wear and proper handling.
  • Inspect your tyres regularly to increase their lifespan.

*Available at selected Toyota Service Centres



Our harsh climate and polluted air can dull paintwork after a while. Thus polishing is necessary to protect the finish. To achieve the glossy showroom look, a coat of wax does wonders. Toyota Body Shine* service handles this task and only the best materials are used.

So the next time you visit us for servicing, feel free to enquire about any of the four Toyota Body Shine packages. Select the package that matches your vehicle condition.


*Available at selected Toyota Service Centres only

Body Shine Packages Details
Maintenance Item
  • Shampoo and solvent wash to remove stains
  • Simple waxing process and application of supershine to protect the paintwork and
  • provide quick vehicle body shine
  • FREE application of Tyre Shine
Standard Polish & Wax
  • Shampoo and solvent wash to remove stains
  • Polishing process with application of glaze to remove minor paint surface imperfections
  • Application of wax and supershine to protect and provide vehicle body shine
  • FREE application of Tyre Shine
Superior Wax & Glaze
  • Shampoo and solvent wash to remove stains
  • Polishing process with application of glaze to remove minor paint surface imperfections
  • Application of wax and supershine to protect and provide vehicle body shine
  • FREE application of Tyre Shine
Supreme Gloss & Lacquer
  • Chemical and solvent wash to prepare for layer polishing process
  • Multi-layer polishing to restore vehicle body shine by application of rubbing compound and glaze
  • Application of wax and supershine to protect and provide vehicle body shine
  • Application of lacquer sealant to preserve and protect vehicle body shine and produce an ultra-high gloss finish and lustre
  • FREE application of Tyre Shine



Let our Toyota Service Centre do the job of cleaning the interior and giving it a look that is as good as new. Steam-cleaning and a very effective extraction process bring your Toyota's interior back to life.


*Available at selected Toyota Service Centres only