Get the Best Protection Coverage for Your Toyota

Our insurance packages offer financial protection in the unforeseen event of an accident or loss.


5 reasons to insure your Toyota with us
  1. NO premium loading

    Our negotiated rates are based on the motor tariff. There are no extra charges.

  2. NO policy excess (for vehicles up to 10 years)

    There is no excess amount which you need to bear in the event of a claim (except for compulsory 2f excess).

  3. FREE Toyota 24SEVEN Road Assist Privilege membership

    For minor-on-the-spot assistance and breakdown towing (up to RM400) and accident towing (up to RM200), arrangements for Medical Assistance, Legal Assistance, Chauffeur Assistance, Hotel Accommodation, Alternative Travel Assistance, Interpreter Services, Transmission of Information during emergency and various Home Assist services.

  4. SPEEDY claims and genuine parts (for repairs at Toyota B&P Service Centres)

    Our panel insurers will ensure your claim approval is prioritised so that your car can be repaired and restored speedily. Our Service Advisors will help you with your claims submission and negotiate a fair settlement. And rest assured, only Toyota genuine parts will be used to repair your car.

  5. IMPROVED Betterment Terms (for repairs at Toyota B&P Service Centres)

    All Toyota-assembled/distributed vehicles up to 7 years old and insured with our panel insurer will enjoy 'nil betterment' terms (no deduction for wear and tear when you get new replacement parts).

Did You Know?

Facts about your vehicle insurance
  • The comprehensive policy doesn't cover losses due to flood, windstorm, landslides and other act of nature. You can however, insure this risk under a Special Peril cover.
  • The Third Party cover protects those other than the passengers in your car. The Liability to Passengers extension cover protects you from liability to your passengers should an uneventful accident cause injury to them.
  • It is compulsory to have an additional Liability to Passengers coverage if you drive your vehicle to Singapore.
  • You can protect your No Claim Discount (NCD) in the event of any accidental Breakage of Windscreen or Window Glass if you insure it separately.
  • You are entitled to list two named drivers in your policy for free, whilst any additional driver will cost RM10. If your car meets with an accident and the driver is not named in the policy, a compulsory excess of RM400 (which you have to bear) will apply to your insurance claim.
  • You can extend your motor coverage to include the Kingdom of Thailand or West Kalimantan, Indonesia.
  • If you under-insure your vehicle, your claim will be proportionately reduced by the uninsured portion.
  • Your motor insurance policy does not cover non-factory fitted vehicle accessories unless otherwise declared.
  • If you have a few vehicles under the same registered owner, the NCD is transferable between those vehicles.
  • In the event of an accident, you need to lodge a police report within 24 hours and immediately notify your insurer in writing with full details.

Need Advise?

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